Buddy Night


Buddy Night

This week Mueller’s Martial Arts hosted two buddy nights! Thank you so much to all of our students that invited friends and all those friends who came to try out class. It was so much fun. We wanted to talk this week about how taekwondo can create and foster all sorts of friendships, including the friends you brought into class this week!

School friends:

Some of the best friendships and lifelong friends are made in taekwondo. Oftentimes, kids get to see people that they go to school with outside of the classroom. This can turn them from school acquaintances to great friendships! They also get the chance to see people that they don’t go to school with and create new relationships with people that they would have never gotten the chance to meet if it weren’t for taekwondo. 

People that share your values and interests:

We’ve all had friends that we have nothing in common with. Sometimes, we can even make friends with people who are a bad influence. Not in taekwondo! The students in Martial Arts training are all striving towards the same goals as you- to become the best martial artist they can be! They also are learning the same life skills on a daily basis that become ingrained into who they are as a person. They are taught to act like a Black Belt in all situations so when tempted with the wrong decision they know how to say no! Those are the kinds of friends you want to have.

Friendships that span across time and place:

Mueller’s Martial Arts is a proud member of the National Martial Arts Alliance. That means that our students are part of a worldwide organization where they get to compete against and work with all different kinds of people. They get the chance to foster friendships and learn from people from all different ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Some of these friendships last a lifetime and can become the most important relationships in their lives!
At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we believe in always supporting each other and fostering friendships in and out of taekwondo training. As a reminder, every night is buddy night! You are always welcome to bring in your friends to try out a class. Whether you are bringing your friends to taekwondo or making new friends there, we are happy to have you! To learn more about our program, click here.