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Worlds Week

It’s World’s Week! This is the most exciting week of the year for the National Martial Arts Alliance. People from all around the world are gathering to compete for World Champion. Beyond that, the week is filled with fun events including exciting trainings and the testing of the head of the organization, Chief Master Horn.

The week starts today with the Shimsan golf tournament. People are invited to join at the Top Golf to benefit the non-profit part of the organization that sponsors students to help them pay for tuition. It is bound to be a fun night full of meeting new people and a competition for a great cause. 

Wednesday is school owner training where school owners from across the entire organization get together to become the best they can be. They will train directly with Chief Master Horn and other Masters of the organization to learn new content and make their practices even better. You never stop learning in taekwondo, and this is the moment for your instructors to bring even more knowledge to you!

Thursday begins with testing, where Black Belts get the chance to test or midterm. They will be judged by Masters and leaders in the organization to earn their new belt or midterm to get even closer to getting that higher rank. Most exciting of all, Chief Master Horn will be testing to receive his 9th degree Black Belt, making him the Grand Master of the National Martial Arts Alliance. 9th degree Black Belt is the highest rank possible in taekwondo, and this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and history in the making. It is something you don’t want to miss.

After testing, competition starts! Black Belts begin on Thursday in the battle to become World Champion. It is something that they have worked their hardest all year to achieve. They get the chance to prove that their skill and hard work pays off, and they are the best in the entire world. Competition continues on Friday with elevated and inventive, and then on Saturday for all color belts. Saturday begins the start of the new tournament season, so it is the first chance for you to get in points for the new year. Most exciting, you get to compete against people from around the entire world!

Friday night is the chance for you to see the Master ceremony, where Chief Master Horn will officially become Grand Master. It’s a monumental, historical moment that has taken dozens of years of hard work to achieve. The importance and specialness of this moment can’t be stressed enough, and everyone part of the NMAA should be there. Mueller’s Martial Arts will be in attendance showing our support. We hope you’re there too!

World Week is so exciting and full of fun you should see every year. We will see you there, hopefully with some World Champion titles in hand!


Importance of Testing

Color belt testing is tomorrow! Belt testing is one of the most important aspects of taekwondo training, and is the only way you reach your goal of becoming a black belt. Though it might seem intimidating to get up in front of the entire school, your family, and your friends, it’s an important step in your journey. Students will perform their forms, break boards, spar, and show off self defense skills learned in class. At Mueller’s Martial Arts, this is a formal and awesome event that you don’t want to miss. 

Chance to show all you’ve learned:

You’ve been coming to class for months, training hard every single day. You’ve practiced your forms, life skills, and everything else to not only become a better martial artist, but also to become the best version of yourself. It may have been difficult at times but you continued to show up anyways. Belt testing is the chance to show off everything that you have learned! It’s the chance to prove that your hard work and dedication has paid off, and the chance for you to earn a new belt. Your family and instructors want to see what you have learned, testing is the chance to show them.

Setting and achieving goals:

A big part of taekwondo is to set and achieve goals. Each student walks in on their first day with the hope and aspiration to become a black belt. Not everyone will get there. Only the people that have stayed dedicated and continue to put in the time and work will get that goal. Color belt testing is how you get there. Every three months you get the chance to earn a higher rank, getting that much closer to becoming a black belt. When you pass your testing, you achieve a monumental goal that proves that hard work and dedication pays off. You achieved a goal.

Neverending chance to learn: 

There is always something new to learn in taekwondo. Your journey is never ending until you decide to stop. Once you achieve a new belt, you set a new goal and work to get that one next. You learn new forms and new material forever. The higher rank you get the more you get to know, like sparring, weapons, and someday even becoming a Master. Testing gets you one step closer, but you never stop learning. 
Color belt testing is such an important moment in your and your kids lives! It’s an achievement that they will remember and value forever. Testing is Thursday June 27th. To learn more about our program, click here.


Not Always What You Want, But What You Need

The role of any good instructor is to teach you what you need, not what you want. A lot of times in class, we get bored or frustrated because there are certain things you want to do in class but many times we don’t do those things. Often, when it comes to exercise, training, or anything else in life, the things you don’t like or are hardest are the things you need to be training the most. That’s where your instructor comes in and teaches what you need.

Life Skills:

While you may think that life skills have nothing to do with taekwondo training, they are probably the most important part. It can be hard and annoying to memorize the definitions, and it may seem like a waste of time to work on them in class. In reality though, those are the skills you will take with you for the rest of your life. You will always be able to use perseverance, integrity, goals, dedication, focus, respect, discipline, and confidence, even when you no longer train in karate.


Everyone gets frustrated on days that are heavy for technique training. When working on specific details it can definitely get monotonous and frustrating. But those days are the most important. Your instructor sees the tiny details that will make a difference between an okay martial artist and a world champion. You may not want to think about the tiny parts of each technique, but those details matter. If you can pay attention to the small details in taekwondo, you can do it in every part of life.


Most people do not want to practice the same thing over and over again. But any good instructor knows that repetition is the key to success. Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not a man that has practiced 10,000 kicks, but a man that had practiced one kick 10,000 times. Though repetition may seem boring and unnecessary, it is essential to becoming the best. Just like studying for a test or getting good at any task, repetition is how you get there.

Trusting the process and trusting your instructors is essential to your martial arts journey. They know what is best for you, even if it’s not always what you want to do. They see exactly what you need and will train you for it, to make you the best version of yourself. To learn more about our program, click here


Get to Class

The only way to get better or to become a master at something is to practice. It will hurt. It will require time. It will require great willpower. It will require sacrifice. You will need to push yourself. But, we promise you, when you reach your goal, it will be worth it. The only way to reach your goals in taekwondo is to get to class!

We know it’s hard. Most people have pushed hard all fall and winter, focused on school and work. Summer is a time for vacations, slowing down, and taking breaks. Just because school is over and it’s warm outside doesn’t mean it is a time to lose sight of your goals. You made a commitment to train in taekwondo and we don’t take breaks! Come to class.

Enjoy your breaks and vacations, but don’t lose focus. You might miss class here and there, but still honor your commitments and show up as much as you can. Take the time you need to rest and recover, but still practice so you don’t lose momentum. Practice at home, on vacation, and especially in class. 

Summertime is a big time for taekwondo too! State Championships are coming up in a couple of weeks which means that all ranks and all ages get the chance to become the best competitor in Colorado! Just a few weeks after that is World Championships in which black belts and students get the chance to be the best in the entire world! Now is not the time to lose focus, it’s the time to step it up to achieve a huge competition goal.

If you’re having trouble coming to class, there are a few things you can do. Reach out to your fellow students to see if they can give you a ride. Almost every student is local, and they share your values. If you are losing motivation to come in, set a new goal and work towards achieving that! Whether that’s to be on comp team, win a title, or get your black belt, set that goal and get it! If you want to spend more time with your friends, invite them to join you in taekwondo! We guarantee they will love it too!

The best thing you can do for yourself this summer is to get to class. You will stay in shape, continue working towards your goals, see your friends, and have a fun activity to look forward to every single day. The reality is, sometimes you just have to do something you don’t want to do and get to class even when you don’t feel like it. You will never regret it and will always have fun. 

To learn more about our program, click here.


Your Martial Arts Team

Many people say that Martial Arts training is an individual sport. Your success is determined on how you work and your dedication alone. While this is true in many ways, it’s important to note that taekwondo is also a team sport. Your team is the people you train alongside, your instructors, your family, the organization in which you belong, and of course, Mueller’s Martial Arts.


Many lifelong friendships are built through Martial Arts training. People from all ages from all sorts of different backgrounds come together to strive towards a single goal, to become a Black Belt. While along the way they complete many goals and overcome many challenges, they do it together. You can always lean on your fellow Martial Artists to push you, support you, and root for you every step of the way. In return, you do the same. They become your friends and teammates for life.


Your instructors are there to guide you along your taekwondo journey. They teach you everything you need to know to become a true Martial Artist. But the truth is that you never stop learning in taekwondo. They learn right alongside you. They are constantly trying to better themselves with you. They will always be your coaches, but they are also your teammates. Your instructors care more about you than you realize. They will always support you in any journey you take in life.


Your family is the team you are born into. Your parents and guardians bring you to classes and tournaments. They enforce the life lessons you learn in class at home. Your parents do anything in their power to ensure you have a good life, enrolling you in taekwondo being one of them. Your siblings train with you and your journey together. Maybe you even train as a whole family! Families that train together stay together. You are a team, and part of the bigger team in your taekwondo school.


As part of the National Martial Arts Alliance you are part of a huge team that spans across the entire world. Each person you meet and compete against along the way still roots for your success. Grand Master Nominee Horn and Master Horn, the leaders of the organization, want nothing but you to love taekwondo as much as they do. Every person part of the NMAA is your teammate.

Mueller’s Martial Arts:

WE ARE YOUR TEAM! As a whole school, we are part of your team. We will always support and lead you to success. We will pick you up when you are down, we will be there for you no matter what. When you need someone to be there for you, we will always be there. Each member of the school is your teammate for life!
We value each and every member of Muller’s Martial Arts and truly believe that we are a team. To learn more about our program, click here.


Choosing the Path of Martial Arts

Every single great Martial Artist started as a white belt. Whatever brought them in to try classes, whether that was a friend, an ad, or an event, they made the decision to try it out. After trying it, they decided to continue forward, choosing the path of Martial Arts. It is not an easy path, but it is rewarding in every single way. 

Starting as a white belt can be scary. Students try something new and are unsure of what it will be like. Taekwondo training is very different from other activities. It teaches not only physical fitness but also life skills, friendship, and a path for life. Martial Artists learn from very early on to set their sight on goals and work hard to achieve them. They learn to never give up even when things get difficult. When they succeed, they earn a sense of accomplishment along every step of their path.

Physical fitness: 

Taekwondo is a sport. We train in a unique way that not only improves cardiovascular health and helps get into shape, but also helps with strength and flexibility. Students learn to defend themselves while also moving their bodies and becoming more physically fit. Martial Arts training is the ultimate practice in mind-body connection, learning to train your body to obey your mind and mastering your mind to do anything you ask it to do.

Life Skills:

The most important lesson we teach as Mueller’s Martial Arts is life skills. We teach confidence, perseverance, attitude, discipline, focus, integrity, respect, goals, and dedication. Each and every class is centered around not only learning the meaning behind these skills, but also how to use them. By training with them in class they are adopted into the student’s everyday life, and they show up in school and at home. They become better, more well rounded people that are set up for a successful life.


Some of the best friends a person can have were made through taekwondo training. Students get to meet new people and work alongside them to reach the same goals. They are taught the same values and share the same passion and interests. Not only do they get to make new friends in class, but as part of a worldwide organization, they get to meet people from all walks of life and connect on a deep level. Some of our lifelong friends have come from taekwondo!

Path for Life:

Martial Arts training sets students up for a successful life. It teaches them perseverance even when things get tough, and that hard work and dedication will lead to accomplishments. Many students that train in taekwondo their entire lives end up becoming very successful, getting great grades in school, earning advanced degrees, and becoming high achieving adults. Some students even decide that Martial Arts is their true passion, and find a career in the industry. That’s what our very own Mr. Mueller did! The possibilities are endless for someone who has the foundation for life built by taekwondo training. At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we always choose the path of Martial Arts because we know what an incredible path it can be! We know it’s hard to start as a white belt, but by staying dedicated and trusting the process, success is bound to happen. To learn more about our program click here.


Black Belt Camp

Black Belt Camp is this weekend! This camp is such a fun experience for Black Belts to learn, grow, and bond with their team. Plus, students get the incredible opportunity to train directly with the head of the National Martial Arts Alliance, Grand Master Nominee Horn. Hosted in the beautiful YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, it will be a weekend of fun that high ranks don’t want to miss.

Owners training:

Thursday kicks off with owners training. School owners get the chance to learn from leaders of the organization as well as other school owners to better their practices. This is so important to make sure that every student is getting the most out of their taekwondo experience. Even though they are the instructors, they need training too! As we all know, just because you become a Black Belt, your journey is never over. There is always more to learn and by owners getting to train, they pass along that knowledge to you!


Friday is testing day! This is the chance for Black Belts to get to midterm or test for their new belt. Months and even years of hard work go into training for testing, and this is an opportunity to show off your skills in front of all the other Black Belts. No only are you getting a weekend away filled with valuable learning and fun, but you also get to put your hard work to use by testing at camp.


Saturday is the big day- training! The entire day will be filled with a ton of training with Grand Master Nominee Horn, as well as other leaders in the organization. It’s the chance to hone in on or learn new skills that you may never get the chance to learn again! In addition, you get the chance to spend time with and train alongside your fellow Black Belts, not only from your school, but also through the entire National Martial Arts Alliance. 

By getting out of your daily lives, going to camp is an amazing experience. Not only do you get to spend time becoming a better Martial Artist, you also get to spend time with your taekwonfriends in one of the most beautiful places in Colorado! If you can’t make it this year, make sure to mark your calendars for next year because every year it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

Mueller’s Martial Arts is proud to send our Black Belts to camp this year and every other year. To learn more about our program, click here.


Buddy Night

This week Mueller’s Martial Arts hosted two buddy nights! Thank you so much to all of our students that invited friends and all those friends who came to try out class. It was so much fun. We wanted to talk this week about how taekwondo can create and foster all sorts of friendships, including the friends you brought into class this week!

School friends:

Some of the best friendships and lifelong friends are made in taekwondo. Oftentimes, kids get to see people that they go to school with outside of the classroom. This can turn them from school acquaintances to great friendships! They also get the chance to see people that they don’t go to school with and create new relationships with people that they would have never gotten the chance to meet if it weren’t for taekwondo. 

People that share your values and interests:

We’ve all had friends that we have nothing in common with. Sometimes, we can even make friends with people who are a bad influence. Not in taekwondo! The students in Martial Arts training are all striving towards the same goals as you- to become the best martial artist they can be! They also are learning the same life skills on a daily basis that become ingrained into who they are as a person. They are taught to act like a Black Belt in all situations so when tempted with the wrong decision they know how to say no! Those are the kinds of friends you want to have.

Friendships that span across time and place:

Mueller’s Martial Arts is a proud member of the National Martial Arts Alliance. That means that our students are part of a worldwide organization where they get to compete against and work with all different kinds of people. They get the chance to foster friendships and learn from people from all different ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Some of these friendships last a lifetime and can become the most important relationships in their lives!
At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we believe in always supporting each other and fostering friendships in and out of taekwondo training. As a reminder, every night is buddy night! You are always welcome to bring in your friends to try out a class. Whether you are bringing your friends to taekwondo or making new friends there, we are happy to have you! To learn more about our program, click here.

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