Worlds Week


Worlds Week

It’s World’s Week! This is the most exciting week of the year for the National Martial Arts Alliance. People from all around the world are gathering to compete for World Champion. Beyond that, the week is filled with fun events including exciting trainings and the testing of the head of the organization, Chief Master Horn.

The week starts today with the Shimsan golf tournament. People are invited to join at the Top Golf to benefit the non-profit part of the organization that sponsors students to help them pay for tuition. It is bound to be a fun night full of meeting new people and a competition for a great cause. 

Wednesday is school owner training where school owners from across the entire organization get together to become the best they can be. They will train directly with Chief Master Horn and other Masters of the organization to learn new content and make their practices even better. You never stop learning in taekwondo, and this is the moment for your instructors to bring even more knowledge to you!

Thursday begins with testing, where Black Belts get the chance to test or midterm. They will be judged by Masters and leaders in the organization to earn their new belt or midterm to get even closer to getting that higher rank. Most exciting of all, Chief Master Horn will be testing to receive his 9th degree Black Belt, making him the Grand Master of the National Martial Arts Alliance. 9th degree Black Belt is the highest rank possible in taekwondo, and this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and history in the making. It is something you don’t want to miss.

After testing, competition starts! Black Belts begin on Thursday in the battle to become World Champion. It is something that they have worked their hardest all year to achieve. They get the chance to prove that their skill and hard work pays off, and they are the best in the entire world. Competition continues on Friday with elevated and inventive, and then on Saturday for all color belts. Saturday begins the start of the new tournament season, so it is the first chance for you to get in points for the new year. Most exciting, you get to compete against people from around the entire world!

Friday night is the chance for you to see the Master ceremony, where Chief Master Horn will officially become Grand Master. It’s a monumental, historical moment that has taken dozens of years of hard work to achieve. The importance and specialness of this moment can’t be stressed enough, and everyone part of the NMAA should be there. Mueller’s Martial Arts will be in attendance showing our support. We hope you’re there too!

World Week is so exciting and full of fun you should see every year. We will see you there, hopefully with some World Champion titles in hand!