Community of Martial Arts


Community of Martial Arts

Mueller’s Martial Arts is proud to be a part of the Lakewood community! Lakewood is known for being an “inclusive” community, which means that everyone is welcome and there are no barriers as to who can live and be a part of it. The same can be said for Mueller’s Martial Arts! We pride ourselves in welcoming everyone and empowering them to show the world what they have to offer in their own unique way. 

Community Events:

We love to support our community! You can find Mueller’s Martial Arts at many events in Lakewood throughout the year. We host a booth at the opening weekend of blockbuster movies at Belmar Movie Theater to invite new students into the school. This weekend we will participate in Cider Days at Lakewood Heritage to support the amazing cultural center and other local vendors. We also participate in Halloween events throughout Lakewood to give candy to trick or treaters. Most importantly, our students are residents of Lakewood and bring the skills they learn in class back to their schools, home, and community to make it a better place.

National Martial Art Alliance:

Muller’s Martial Arts loves to be a part of the National Martial Arts Alliance- the organization that allows them to compete with other schools. As part of the NMAA, MMA is connected to schools across the country and even around the world! Students get to compete against each other at tournaments and form lifelong friendships with new people that they meet. Everyone supports each other to become the best that they can be which means the best Martial Arts experience for every student. 

Family Program:

We have several “family classes” during the week that allow students of all ranks and ages to train together. We also offer a family program that is a discount for the entire family to join taekwondo. A family that trains together stays together and we encourage families to gain all the benefits that karate has to offer. At Mueller’s Martial Arts, everyone is part of the family and we have many siblings and parents that move through the ranks together. It is such an amazing experience to journey to a Black Belt with your family. 

Welcoming and Uplifting Everyone:

Mueller’s Martial Arts welcomes everyone regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or any other barrier you might face in other Martial Arts schools. We believe that everyone has something special to offer and love to find that piece inside of every student and use it to better themselves and those around them. All we look for is people who have the willingness to learn and put in the hard work. With Mueller’s Martial Arts, everyone is welcome and part of the family. 

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