Flexibility in Martial Arts


Flexibility in Martial Arts

If you saw our picture from last week, Tye was doing the full middle splits on two chairs! Most people know that taekwondo training increases flexibility. Many Martial Artists can do the full splits, kick above their head, and perform moves that most people can’t come close to being able to perform. Beyond that however, taekwondo training also makes you flexible in all areas of life. 

Body Flexibility:

In each class, we spend a good amount of time stretching. Great Martial Artists are flexible. They can kick above their head in forms and they can kick opponents in the head while sparring. To get to that level, not only do students need to practice their kicks, they also need to work on stretching. Stretching in class requires patience and practice, and putting mind over matter when things get uncomfortable. That mentality carries over into everyday life. More on that later.

Flexibility for the Future:

By working on flexibility at a young age, your body will thank you for it later. As we age our bodies get more rigid and fraile, but when you are flexible you are less likely to get hurt. Your body is able to adapt to any movement whether that be climbing a mountain, running a marathon, or lifting heavy weights. Your body can move with ease as you age, daily movements remain easy and you aren’t burdened with chronic pain.

Flexibility in Life:

Not only does Martial Arts training help with body flexibility, it also helps with flexibility in life. Life is difficult and is going to throw you some curveballs. If you have a rigid idea of the way that life will go, you are bound to see yourself as a failure. However, if you are flexible in life, you adapt to what life is challenging you with and persevere to the other side. Just like your body moves to accommodate what you are doing, your mind will do the same. You will be able to kick any challenges in the head and become the champion of your life- all because of the flexible mindset you gained in karate training. 

To gain more flexibility on and off the mat, come join a class at Mueller’s Martial Arts. To learn more about our program, click here.