Halloween Superheroes (AKA Martial Artists)


Halloween Superheroes (AKA Martial Artists)

Halloween is such a fun time during the year, where we all get to dress up in costumes and trick or treat for candy. It is the one day of the year where we get to pretend to be someone else, whether that is someone we wish to be or someone we admire. Many kids dress up as superheroes because they look up to them. Some kids even dress up as Martial Artists because they think they are cool! The best part is that if you are in taekwondo at Meuller’s Martial Arts, you are already a Martial Artist! Training the way of the fist is the first step to becoming a superhero. 


What do we like most about Martial Artists and superheroes that would make us want to dress up as them for Halloween? Well, first and foremost, they can do amazing things. They know how to fight, kicking and punching with incredible speed and ability. They’re able to do that because they train in Martial Arts, often in taekwondo! We teach the same basic principles in every class, to be able to kick and punch and look awesome doing it.

Helping Others:

Superheroes only use their abilities to help others. This is an important part of taekwondo training. We teach our students to only use what they learn in class to defend themselves and others. We never start fights and avoid conflict unless it is completely unavoidable. Control is a huge part of training, we never want to hurt anyone and learning to control those awesome moves is a top priority. They are strong, fast, and powerful, but completely controlled.


Martial Artists and superheroes have a major thing in common- they have an honorable and moral metal fortitude that carries them through life. Heroes always do the right thing. In each class we teach our students eight essential life skills that they carry with them throughout their lives. They are respect, integrity, perseverance, attitude, goals, focus, confidence, and discipline. By learning and practicing them in class each day, they take them into their everyday lives. This makes them the best version of themselves, almost like they are a superhero!

Martial Artists and superheroes have many things in common, and those things are great! That’s probably why people like to dress up like them on Halloween! At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we teach kids to become superheroes in their daily lives. 

We will have a costume contest during family class this Friday, 10/27 at 4:00pm. Come dressed up in your best costume! The winner will receive a special prize. We look forward to seeing you there!