Martial Arts for Kids


Martial Arts for Kids

Mueller’s Martial Arts teaches taekwondo for ages 4 to 100. It’s truly an activity for everyone! This week we really wanted to talk about the benefits of Martial Arts training for kids. There are so many incredible benefits including physical fitness, mental health, and life skills that children can take with them throughout their entire lives.

Physical Fitness:

Karate at its base form is a sport! Kids get out of the house and get their bodies moving. Taekwondo is unique in that it is a great cardiovascular activity, meaning that you sweat and get your heart pumping. This kind of training is good for your heart, lungs, and brain. It also includes strength training to build lean, strong muscles. The most underrated aspect of Martial Arts is improving flexibility. Being flexible helps prevent injuries and supports the body in everyday life activities. It helps with aging and living an active, full life for the years to come.

Mental Health:

Life is hard, no matter what age you are! Taekwondo can be a positive outlet for pent-up emotions and aggression. It is also a community full of supportive friendships that build each other up and support each other no matter what. Mueller’s Martial Arts wants the dojang to feel like a safe place, a home for all students. By having a positive, safe environment to release emotions and work on bettering yourself, taekwondo training improves the mental health of kids.

Life Skills:

In each and every class, Mueller’s Martial Arts teaches the eight life skills that children need to help support them while growing up. The eight life skills are integrity, focus, discipline, goals, perseverance, attitude, confidence, and respect. Each of these skills is taught and trained in classes so that the students have a firm grasp on how they apply them to their lessons. By practicing them on a daily basis they become the foundation for who they are as people and they carry those life skills into their everyday lives. They use them to excel at school, at home and doing whatever they set their heart to. 
Learning Martial Arts helps kids become the best versions of themselves and grow into successful and respected adults. They become more physically fit, are supported in their mental health, and have the skills they need to lead a great life. To learn more about Mueller’s Martial Arts, click here.