Taekwondo is a Metaphor for Life


Taekwondo is a Metaphor for Life

Life is hard and also beautiful. We face challenges that we think will break us, and moments that lift us higher than we could ever imagine. Taekwondo is the same way. It is a metaphor for life, the things we go through during our taekwondo journey directly reflect the things we go through in life. The important thing is how we grow through the journey. At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we guide students through their training to help them with life.


We all face challenges in life. Sometimes it feels like it can be every single day. The same can be said for taekwondo. We face moments where we push our bodies past our limits or our minds can’t learn one more bit of information. We get kicked in the head and fall down or fail at something we poured our heart and soul into doing. That’s life isn’t it? Taekwondo teaches us that each time we fall, we strive to get back up. It teaches us to face the hard moments in life head on, and never give up until we reach our goal. Instead of fearing the challenges, we embrace them with everything we’ve got.


No matter how alone we feel in life, there will always be people that love and support us. You will always have someone you can count on. The same is true for taekwondo. Though it is an independent sport, you are never alone. You are surrounded by coaches, mentors, and friends who want you to succeed. There are always people in your corner rooting for you. They are willing to do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals. If you really think about the people in your life, we bet there’s at least one person who is that for you. The community you find in taekwondo is just like the community that supports you in life.


Life is never about standing still. We are constantly changing and evolving, becoming the person we are meant to be. Taekwondo is the same way. You learn something new every day and are always working towards your next goals. You start training to become a Black Belt but the journey doesn’t end there. Just like in life when you achieve a goal your journey does not end in that moment. It is about the things you learn and the better you become along the way. It is all about growing into an incredible human being, and an amazing Martial Artist.

Taekwondo is a metaphor for life, whether it is overcoming challenges, finding your community, or growing into the person you are meant to be. Martial Arts training helps us navigate through life and have fun along the way.

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