Back to School in Taekwondo


Back to School in Taekwondo

Can you believe it? Summer is basically over and our kiddos are headed back to school. While you might be slightly relieved to have them out of your hair during the day, there’s also a whole new set of responsibilities that come with going back to school. Grades, homework, activities, and friendships become a huge priority. Did you know that taekwondo at Mueller’s Martial Arts can help your child with all of these things?

Good grades:

Taekwondo can help kids get good grades. During lessons, we teach students to pay specific attention to details and to focus on their instructor. By learning how to pay attention they bring that to school and focus on what their teacher is saying. In turn they get better grades and perform better in all areas of school. 

Completing homework:

No one likes homework. But it is an essential part to the learning process as it gives students the extra bit of learning to do on their own. Many kids struggle with the motivation to actually do their homework and parents feel frustrated. That’s where taekwondo steps in. They are taught discipline when they show up to class and practice their forms outside of class. They know that the only way to get better is to show up and do their best consistently, which translates to actually doing their homework and working hard on it.


There are a million activities during the school year. Between other sports, after school activities, and everything during school, this time of year is busier than ever! That’s why taekwondo training has become so important. By coming to taekwondo regularly, students have a sense of consistency in their lives. They know that they have something they can look forward to with manageable goals. While they may feel overwhelmed with all the other activities, they can always count on Martial Arts as a safe and consistent place.


While kids probably have friends going into the school year, that can always change. Whether they are starting a new school, new grade, or even just a new year, we all know that friendships come and go. It’s important for them to make the right friends that will empower them and not get them into trouble. Taekwondo can help with that. By being surrounded with like minded people, they will naturally gravitate to others who share the same values. They will have the confidence to make new friends, and become leaders who encourage others to make the right decisions all year.

At Mueller’s Martial Arts we give students the life skills they need to have an amazing school year. It empowers them with confidence, perseverance, focus, attitude, goals, discipline, integrity, and respect. Some of the best students are Martial Artists because they have a foundation built during their lessons. Set your child up for the best year yet by empowering them with taekwondo training.