Mueller’s Martial Arts Family


Mueller’s Martial Arts Family

At Mueller’s Martial Arts, family is everything to us. When you step into our taekwondo school and sign up for classes, you become part of a big family. Our job is not only to care for and support you, but to make sure you are on the path to give you your best life. We always take care of our family, and will do everything in our power to make sure you get the best experience at our school.


Our school is led by qualified instructors who have dedicated years to taekwondo training. Our fearless leader Mr. Mueller, the owner of Mueller’s Martial Arts, pours his heart and soul into making our program the best in the Lakewood area. We train our instructors to work in a group setting but make students feel like they are getting an individual experience. They treat you like family- sometimes stern but always kind. Our instructors have trained since they were young kids too, and grew up in the taekwondo family. They know exactly how to make each student feel special. Even better than that, current students can work hard and train to become a part of the instructor team someday so that they have an impact on others as well. 


Perhaps the best part of Martial Arts training are the friendships made along the way. Students get to train with others who are around their age and likely attend the same school. Taekwondo training fosters lifelong friendships with people who share similar interests and values. Some of our closest family members are the friends we’ve made in taekwondo. Parents don’t get left out either! Parents make friends with each other and form strong bonds. They get to see each other at class and share the desire to give their kids the best life possible. People at Mueller’s Martial Arts will always take you in and support you with friendships that feel like family.

Family Class:

One of the best and most popular classes in our program is family class! This class is specifically designed to be all ranks and all ages so that entire families can train together! We have parents, siblings, and even family friends all come together to rise through the ranks of taekwondo as a family. This weekend, we even have a whole family testing for their Black Belts together. Remember, families that train together stay together and in our school, family is everything.

National Martial Arts Alliance:

Our school is incredibly proud to be a part of the National Martial Arts Alliance. The NMAA is an organization that spans across the entire world. They host tournaments and training where students from all different schools get together to train and compete. Everyone across the entire organization treats every student like family. Chief Master and Master Horn are amazing leaders that make you feel a part of something bigger, even if you feel small. No matter who you are or what role you have in the dojang, you are always a part of the NMAA family. 

Whether you are a brand-new student or have been around for years, at Mueller’s Martial Arts you are always a part of our family. We will help guide, support you, and give everything we have to make you feel welcome. To learn more about our program, click here.