It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Get Better


It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Get Better

In the gym, the weight doesn’t get easier to lift, you get stronger. In life, challenges don’t get easier to handle, you become better equipped to handle them. In Martial Arts, training doesn’t ever get easier, your belt just keeps getting darker until you’re a Black Belt and beyond. Taekwondo training is the best of both worlds, training your body to become stronger and helping you navigate through the challenges in life.

Physical Strength:

Martial Arts training helps develop your physical strength. Every class involves endurance training which improves cardiovascular health- essentially making your lungs and heart stronger. It uses bodyweight training, and sometimes even actually weights, to strengthen your muscles. By working on balance consistently, core muscles are activated which tightens and improves posture, balance, and coordination. Lastly, taekwondo obviously improves flexibility. By taking time to stretch every class and practicing various kicks constantly, flexibility is greatly improved. If we don’t bend, we break. Flexibility is key to aging healthily.  

Mental Strength: 

As with life, Martial Arts training is difficult. There are many times where someone learns something much faster than you do and you can become frustrated. Or you compete and lose, or test for a new belt and fail. A Black Belt attitude is one of a person that never quits, which builds mental resilience to get through life’s challenges. In addition, taekwondo forces your brain to work with your body to learn new things- also called neuroplasticity. By pushing your mind to do something out of its comfort zone and learning difficult things, it becomes stronger. It is also to learn and adapt more quickly to all challenges we have to face.

Emotional Strength:

When you train in Martial Arts, you are never alone. There will always be someone there to pick you up and help you through anything that you are facing. Whether that’s the instructors, your fellow students, your parents, other student’s parents, or anyone that’s part of the taekwondo world, someone will always have your back. You become emotionally stronger because you know that you are supported no matter what and are capable of getting through hard things. 

Becoming Stronger for Life:

Each time we step foot in a dojang and push ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves, we become a little bit stronger every single day. If we take the life skills learned in class- integrity, focus, discipline, respect, attitude, goals, perseverance, and confidence- and apply them to our daily lives, we can get through anything. Each time we are faced with a challenge on the mat and overcome it, we know that we can face challenges in life head on with grit and determination. Will we fail sometimes? Sure. But with a Black Belt attitude and training we know to never give up. 

At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we know that things don’t get easier, you get stronger. We teach our students how to get stronger every single class and use that strength to overcome life’s challenges. To learn more about our program, click here.