Nationals is this week! The National Martial Arts Alliance will be hosting the half week long experience in Kansas City. Students from all over the country and even the world will come together to compete. It’s not only an amazing experience for students, but also for their entire family.

Nationals begins on Thursday with School Owner and Nxt Level Staff training. Junior instructors get the opportunity to become leaders in their schools and in the organization with a training hosted by Chief Master Horn. They set out to help their schools become the best they can be and also help other students improve in their taekwondo journey. It’s been said that the best way to improve as a Martial Artist is to teach others, this is the chance to be set along that path.

Day two on Friday begins with high rank testing. Black belts and high ranks can test for their new belts on this day. After that is the coaching certification clinic. This is the chance for parents to become coaching certified so that they can coach their children during competition. In the afternoon, competition begins with team sparring and elevated and inventive competitions. 

Saturday is the final day of the tournament with regular competition. All ranks and ages compete to become National champ. This is no normal tournament however, points are worth double that of regular tournaments. That means if your goal is to become State or World champion (which it should be), you get double points towards qualifying at Nationals. 

The best part of Nationals however, is the experience. Students from Mueller’s Martial Arts travel together for the amazing experience. They spend time together outside of the dojang and regular life, and get to take a fun and exciting trip together. We have a team dinner and many chances to just have a great time. As a super special experience, the tournament is being held right across from Legoland this year! That means that families can head right over to Legoland on their time off and get to enjoy the awesome place. 

Nationals is such a fun and rewarding experience. We are so excited that we have double the amount of students attending this year! It’s a great chance for students and parents to bond and hang out, as well as earning double points. You don’t want to miss this awesome time!