Failing Forward


Failing Forward

We try and fail. Then we try again and fail. What do we do when we keep failing? We try again. The only way you are a true failure is if you give up. At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we teach our students to fail forward- to use their failures to keep moving forward until they succeed in any goal they are trying to reach.

Life is full of failures. As a kid, you might fail a test in school. Or you might lose a friend. You might fall down and break a bone. Just because you fail is not a reason to give up. Failure might be a redirection, or it might be a chance for you to decide how badly you really want something. How hard are you willing to work for it? Can you do something different so that next time you try you succeed? 

As with life, taekwondo is no different. There are always plenty of opportunities to fail. You might lose a competition, or fail a belt testing. You might try to learn a new move and fail at learning it over and over again. The only true failure is if you give up. If you fail a competition, you might need to work harder to win. You might need to train more, hone in on more details. You might just need to try again. The same concept applies if you fail belt testing. If you try to learn a new skill and can’t get the hang of it, you have to keep trying until you do get it. We promise, if you keep trying, someday it will come to you and you will never lose it.

Martial Arts training teaches us to use our failures to never give up and succeed in life. No one is ever perfect on their first try. World Champions and Olympic Athletes didn’t step onto the mat one day and become the best. They put in countless hours of work and dedication and never gave up when things got hard. Did they fail? Of course they did. They just used that failure to motivate them to become better. 

Life is hard and so is taekwondo. The better you become, the harder it gets. The same is true with life. We are always leveling up. Life always pushes us to become the best versions of ourselves. So no matter what failure you are going through right now, whether that’s a new year in school that is the most difficult yet, a hard breakup, a new career, or even moving up into a new ring in taekwondo- take those failures and keep a moving forward If you don’t give up, if you don’t quit, you will someday succeed. 

Mueller’s Martial Arts will always support you during your failures. We specialize in helping you overcome them for something better than you could have ever expected. To learn more about our program, click here.