Black Belt Testing


Black Belt Testing

Black Belt testing is this weekend! Red/black belts and black belts will get the opportunity to show off their skills and test for the next step in their taekwondo journey. It is an exciting time but also one of the most physically and mentally challenging things that these people will ever go through. That made us want to share what exactly needs to be done to test for a Black Belt.

Step 1: 

Students need to be able to perform Shimsan 1-6 (forms) to perfection. They need to be able to show every hand move, stance, in the correct order and time. They earn “stripes” on their belts for each form they perfect and then an “all or nothing stripe” to show that they know all of the forms. At any point they will lose a stripe if they are not able to perform it and have to re-earn that stripe. They must also know all of the belt meanings. 

Step 2:

Students have to perform for their community. They must show others what they have learned in Taekwondo and the skills they possess. They also must tell why they like to participate in Martial Arts, and why earning a Black Belt is important to them.

Step 3:

Testers must participate in 12 hours of community service. They must show care and commitment to their community by volunteering for community service. It is their choice, but many people pick up trash, work at a food bank, read to the elderly, etc.

Step 4:

Martial Artists testing for their Black Belts must write a speech to be performed in front of color belts. They must talk about their journey to becoming a Black Belt, why they should follow in their footsteps, and why becoming a Black Belt is important to them.

Step 5:

Students must learn and remember the 31 Korean words that relate to Taekwondo. They must learn about the history of Taekwondo and memorize the Hwa Rang Code of Chivalry. They must also choose a philosophy question and write an essay on it. Adults must write an essay about how Taekwondo has changed their lives. 

Step 6: 

Six weeks before testing, students must do a fit test three times per week and practice their forms every other day. The fit test includes one minute of burpees, jumping jacks, situps and pushups. They must also run one mile per week and finish in under 8 minutes. At the end of the six weeks, your scores and times on your fit test and running should surpass the previous weeks. 

Step 7:

Students must write an essay to be spoken at Black Belt testing. It should recognize and thank everyone that was a part of their Taekwondo journey and helped them get to a Black Belt.

Step 8:

Testers must show their skills and pass along their knowledge to others by helping to teach in five classes to lower ranks.

Step 9:

The last step before testing for a Black Belt is completing all eight steps and getting final permission from their instructor. Then they go and actually test!

Testing includes performing all of their forms, being asked all the words and belt meanings, breaking boards, and giving their speeches. If they are able to do all of that, then they earn their Black Belt!
Three students from Mueller’s Martial Arts will be testing for their Black Belts on March 11th at Venture Martial Arts in Flatirons. Wish them luck!