The Journey to a Blackbelt


The Journey to a Blackbelt

The journey to a Blackbelt is not an easy road. When you first step into a taekwondo dojo you are filled with eager anticipation to learn how to kick and punch. You make the choice to dedicate to becoming a Blackbelt. It’s a journey that takes years to achieve and as it turns out, the hardest part is when you are almost there.

Along the way you learn so many new skills. You learn and embrace the eight life skills to give you what you need in and outside the dojo to succeed- perseverance, focus, attitude, confidence, integrity, discipline, respect, and goals. Every single day you become better and better until eventually you have them so ingrained in you that they are just a part of your personality. 

The years it takes to get there are difficult. There are moments where your knuckles are bloody from punching so many bags. Or your feet are covered in blisters from running barefoot on the mats for so long. Your entire body is tired and sore. All you want to do is quit. But you don’t. Some people may wonder why. The answer is simple: Blackbelts don’t quit.

Then you think you are almost there. You achieve your red black belt. One more step and you can tie on that belt. This is actually the hardest step. The work you put in before is at least doubled. You have to truly show what you are made of every single day. You have to show up and prove that you are worthy of the title of Blackbelt. 

Then it happens. You’ve learned it all (at least as much as you can for right now). You know all of the forms to perfection. You can break the toughest boards. You know how to defend yourself and your loved ones in any situation. You’ve competed in tournaments and won. It’s time- you’re ready to earn your Blackbelt. 

You step into the dojo and test for your Blackbelt. You show off your skills and all that you have worked to get you here. You’ve shed blood and tears and it’s been one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do mentally and physically. But that moment where you tie on your belt for the first time and are met with admiration and pride from yourself and your peers is unlike any other feeling. You climbed the mountain and never gave up no matter how hard it was. You know that you can carry that perseverance with you for the rest of your life.

The journey to a Blackbelt will change your life in every single way. It shows you who you are, what you are capable of. A new journey lies ahead, but you can take the lessons you learned along the way and carry it with you for they will be useful in the years to come.
Three students from Mueller’s Martial Arts will be testing for their Blackbelt on March 11th. To learn more about our program, click here.