Champ Camp


Champ Camp

This week is the final week of champ camp for 2023! Champ camp is held yearly during the summer. It is four weeks of training, three days a week, three hours a day. Students that are on the competition team come to champ camp in order to get extra training before State and World Championships.

Mueller’s Martial Arts competition team consists of elite students that have proven their skill and perseverance in class. They are the students that show up on a daily basis and have committed to becoming the best Martial Artist that they can be. They train nearly every day including every Friday for their own comp team class, which is two hours long and far more difficult than any of the other classes.

Beyond that, comp team is made up of leaders in the school. They are students that can teach others, and always have a black belt attitude. They have a certain mindset that separates them from other students and that is why they are invited to be on comp team. They have to prove themselves day in and day out to remain on the team.

While comp team members already train extremely hard on a normal basis, champ camp is the opportunity for them to put in extra work with the goal of winning a championship. It’s not easy, in fact, most students say that it is the most difficult four weeks of the year. But after bringing home more than 27 State titles this year, we would say that it is worth it.

The students put in their blood, sweat, and tears (literally) to be a part of comp team and champ camp. Many say that they want to be a part of it, but only an elite few are actually willing to show up and put in the work to do it. From running miles, to hundreds of kicks with ankle weights, to hours of practicing forms, champ camp is certainly an arduous task. Those willing to put work will have their efforts pay off, both by winning State titles and hopefully bringing home some World Championship titles.