State Tournament


State Tournament

The State Tournament is next weekend! On June 10th, the National Martial Arts Alliance will be hosting the State Championship Tournament in Golden, Colorado. Students all around the state of Colorado will compete to become the state champion! Students karate kids ages and older of all belt levels will get the chance to win the title. Mueller’s Martial Arts will be there, ready to win some titles!

Throughout the year, students compete in tournaments throughout the state and country to earn points towards competing in State. Each tournament they earn a certain amount of points depending on how they do. Those points are added up and determine if they qualify to go to the tournament to compete. The top ten students of each ring get the honor to go to the tournament.

The students can compete in all events- elevated, inventive, sparring, forms, weapons, and weapons sparring. The catch is that they have to earn the ability to compete in those events. So based on how they do throughout the year will let them know if they qualify for any certain event. 

This is the only chance throughout the year for color belts to earn a big title. Only Black Belts compete at World Championships, so State is where color belts earn their titles. Black Belts can also compete at State. It’s the opportunity for all of their hard work to pay off so that they can bring a title back to their school.

Winners get a plaque, a medal, and a trophy! They earn a uniform with “State Champion” written on the back. Every time they put on their uniform or someone sees them in it, they know that they are in the presence of a champ. They get to show off their hard work and earn what they have worked so hard to achieve.

Mueller’s Martial Art’s students have been putting in countless hours to win that State Champion title. Many of our students will be competing on the 10th. They come to class every night and practice countless hours at home. 

This year is likely to be the largest State tournament yet. You don’t want to miss it!