Gabo is Student of the Year


Gabo is Student of the Year

Gabriel “Gabo” Chavez was elected student of the year! Gabo is ten years old and goes to Addenbrooke Classical Academy. Each year, the teachers of the school choose a student that they believe exemplifies a great attitude, is a leader among their friends, and is an excellent student. Gabo personified every one of those traits and even more when he was made student of the year.

Gabo believes that taekwondo training helped him earn this title. He says that it increased his discipline which made him pay better attention in class and work even harder to get good grades. He uses respect, taught to him in class, to treat his teachers and peers with kindness. He is an A+ student that is a joy to be around by all that attend Addenbrooke. 

Taekwondo is a huge part of Gabo’s life. He is a member of the competition team, a group of students placed on a team by invite only. The team is composed of the elite athletes of the school, not only the best martial artists but also the kids with the best attitude that are willing to put in the hard work. Gabo believes that the hard training on the comp team taught him to never shy away from a challenge and work together with his fellow students to become the best he can be.

As a member of the comp team, Gabo attends every taekwondo tournament. There, his hard work is rewarded, as he is consistently bringing home winning medals. His is always the first to arrive and the last to leave, always offering out a helping hand. 

All of Gabo’s peers and mentors agree that he has a bright future ahead of him. His success in school and taekwondo prove that he is willing to work hard for his dreams. His teachers and instructors agree that he deserves every accolade and is polite, respectful, fun- all the good things you can find in a person. We all agree at Addenbrooke and Mueller’s Martial Arts that this kid is incredible!

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