Changing the World One Black Belt at a Time


Changing the World One Black Belt at a Time

Everyone wants to change the world. We all want to live in a better place where there is respect, inclusion, and people are happy. We all want to find our purpose and be good people while doing it. At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we believe that we can change the world one Black Belt at a time.

Life skills:

In taekwondo class we teach students about the eight essential life skills. They are discipline, respect, integrity, focus, attitude, goals, confidence, and perseverance. Not only do we teach them their meanings, we also work on them in each class so they are ingrained in their mind. The students carry those skills into their everyday lives. A person that is built with a foundation of those values is destined to be a great leader and make a positive impact on the world around them. 

Physical health:

In the US, we are constantly surrounded by processed food and technological devices that keep us sitting on the couch in solitude. Martial Arts training gives us a place to exercise and take care of ourselves. It pushes us in ways that help us grow and make us realize what we are capable of. We train our students to take care of themselves and push their minds and bodies to the limits. That is not the standard for many other activities and with that training, students can make a better world.


The foundation of a good world is a community of good people. That is exactly what a taekwondo dojang is. It is a group of people that work hard to accomplish their goals. They learn and practice being good people. Most importantly, they support and uplift each other, helping each other learn and achieve their goals. They all contribute to make everyone feel included and to make it feel like home. Imagine if we had an entire world that everyday made you feel like you were part of something bigger, and were part of a welcoming and supportive family. Isn’t that the world we all want to live in? That’s what taekwondo training gives us.

Black Belt Mentality:

Black Belts are trained to be humble, work hard, respect everyone, and never give up. They are strong in heart and mind, and they always help those around them. Black Belts are honorable and protect those in need. They know they are capable of anything they set their mind to. If the world was full of Black Belts, it would be a better place. 

At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we work with people of all ages to become the best versions of themselves, physically and mentally. We have a community of people working together to become amazing people. We live with a Black Belt spirit. We strive to change the world, one Black Belt at a time.