Keep Moving Forward


Keep Moving Forward

After many years or a long time of training in Martial Arts, you will sometimes feel bored, tired, discouraged, and ready to quit. This is the moment your taekwondo lessons truly begin! Life is hard, so is karate, so you must learn to be too! At Mueller’s Martial Arts we know that the only way to truly succeed is to keep moving forward. 

Beating Boredom:

When we practice the same thing over and over again we can become bored. We get bored at school, in our jobs, and with the everyday requirements that life calls for. It is possible to get bored in Martial Arts too. As with life, the best way to beat boredom in training is to learn something new! There are always new skills to try and learn in taekwondo. That could be trying elevated and learning tricks or weapons- there are five different ones all with different moves. Each time you earn a new rank you learn new kicks and punches or compete in a tournament. Taking it to the highest level, you can teach others what you have learned. There is always something you can try.

Staying Positive:

We all get discouraged sometimes in life. Life is hard! We can try our best and still find that it isn’t enough. Martial Arts training teaches us to find the positives in life. When we get discouraged it’s an opportunity to show what we are made of and keep moving forward. People that are positive are more likely to succeed in everything that they do. You can find encouragement inside the dojang where you are a part of a community that loves and supports you through your good days and bad ones. 

Never quitting:

Life is challenging. We are constantly going through ups and downs, good times and bad. The same can be said for training Martial Arts. There will be times when it seems too hard and your body and mind are beat down. We never quit in life when things get tough. In fact, those are the moments that help us grow the most and build us into the people that we are meant to become. By not quitting you proved that you are strong and resilient. In fact, people that get through that feeling and keep moving forward become champions, the best in the world. They prove that nothing can keep them down and they are strong enough to handle anything that life throws at them.

When you are feeling down about life or taekwondo training, that is a moment of growth for you. It’s not a time to give up, it’s time to learn a new skill, lean on the family you’ve built inside the school, and prove that you don’t quit when things get hard. Training is a metaphor for life, if you can keep moving forward in the dojang, you will always move forward in life. We teach and train this at Mueller’s Martial Arts. To learn more about our program, click here.