Competition Builds Character


Competition Builds Character

Students of Mueller’s Martial Arts will be competing this weekend at the tournament held in Golden. The tournament is hosted by the National Martial Arts Alliance, the organization that we are proud to be a part of. You may be wondering, why should my child (or why should I) compete in tournaments? While Martial Arts training is very different than sports like baseball and soccer, there are still many benefits of taking part in a competition.

We are firm believers that competition builds character. It isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about giving it your all and how you react to your success or failures. The person you become over time all depends on how you handle competition because let’s face it, there will always be competition whether it is getting into a great college, getting a good job, or even winning at a tournament. Here are the benefits of competing in a taekwondo tournament.


Students that train in Martial Arts learn the meaning and value of perseverance in classes. But often times we don’t understand the actual value of something until we have to face it. While competing in tournaments, Martial Artists have to learn never to give up. They will not win every event, they may not win anything at all. It would be easy to say that they haven’t learned anything or aren’t good enough, and never try again. However, they know that with perseverance they can accomplish anything, and eventually, they will win. When that happens, it’s an unforgettable experience and they know their hard work has paid off.


Over time as students train, they gain confidence in their abilities as a Martial Artist. They are taught to be loud and respectful. Competing in a tournament is the moment where they are able to show off the skills that they have learned and worked so hard to improve. They realize that they are doing great in their training and they win a first-place medal. Winning something for their hard work is the ultimate confidence booster, and they remember and carry that mentality through to the rest of their lives.

Meeting new people:

One of the best parts of competing in a tournament is the chance to meet new people. Students get to meet and learn from people their own age and rank. While they are competing against each other, they also want everyone to do well and succeed so they cheer each other on and support each other no matter what. They learn new moves and skills and absorb things that they may never have thought of before. Some students form lifelong friendships with people that they meet at tournaments.  

Tournaments are a great way for Martial Artists to practice perseverance, gain new confidence, and meet new people. All of these traits build their character and form the person that they are going to be for the rest of their lives. Tournaments also earn them points to qualify for the World Championship competition. Who doesn’t want to be a World Champion? For more information about competing to build character, click here.