Competition Fridays


Competition Fridays

Martial Arts training is hard work. To be successful requires a great deal of dedication and focus and a willingness to never give up. Life, in general, is challenging, and taking on taekwondo training students adds another challenge both mentally and physically. That’s why it is extremely important to add some fun into life as well as karate lessons. To add to a great time of training, Mueller’s Martial Arts hosts Competition Fridays. 

Competition Fridays bring together students of all ranks and ages in the family class and give everyone an opportunity to win. Champions bring home one of the four prizes earned for winning one of the “events”. The prizes range anywhere from a toy, scooter, Lego set, speaker- any sort of random item that would be fun to win. The competitions can be anything from a side kick competition, obstacle crouse, relay race, board breaking, etc. 

You may be wondering, how does Competition Friday benefit my student’s Martial Arts career? Well, besides the fact that it is fun, which makes students want to come more if they are enjoying it- there are many benefits of this type of class. First and foremost, it highlights the competitive aspect of taekwondo. Throughout the year, the National Martial Arts Alliance hosts tournaments in that students can compete. They get the chance to earn titles and medals and eventually even a State and World Championship. Competition Friday gives them a taste of that success.

It also allows students to work as a team. In general, Martial Arts is mostly an individual sport. Students earn their new ranks and win tournaments on their own merit, based on the hard work that they have put in. Competition Fridays allow them to build their teamwork skills by working with others to win the competition. They win as a team and lose as a team, but have to learn communication skills, cheer each other on, and take turns. 

If the competition is a solo task, the students have the opportunity to win something based on their skill and perseverance. They may never go to tournaments or play in other sports and this is their opportunity to shine and win a fun prize. There’s a sense of excitement for the opportunity to win something in taekwondo class. Everyone seems to like it and it’s one of the biggest classes!

Join us this Friday for Competition Friday! To learn more about Mueller’s Martial Arts, click here.