Life Skills Learned in Martial Arts


Life Skills Learned in Martial Arts

Martial Arts training helps with strength, flexibility, and an overall improvement of physical health. Students learn self-defense techniques and are empowered to keep learning as they advance in rank. The goal is to become a Black Belt which is a fantastic physical accomplishment, but there is more to learning taekwondo than the physical aspects. In each class at Mueller’s Martial Arts, students will learn the eight life skills to make them the best person possible.


Students are taught to show respect- showing others you care through your actions. They show their instructors respect by saying “yes ma’am” or “yes sir” and listening to what they are instructed to do. They show their peers respect by bowing to each other and supporting them along their own karate journey. They show themselves respect by continuing to try their best on their journey to a Black Belt.


Martial Artists are taught to believe in themselves. As they continue to train they get better techniques and earn higher ranking belts. By continuing to improve they gain confidence in their abilities. They are taught to be loud in class so that their voice is heard. They use that confidence during self-defense training where they gain the knowledge to defend themselves in any situation.


It’s easy to quit when things get hard. But Martial Artists practice perseverance- giving 100% and never giving up. Training in taekwondo can be hard. It requires you to learn new techniques and challenge your body in new ways. You may fail a belt testing or lose at a tournament. A true Martial Artist does not quit and will keep trying until they achieve success.


While it is easy to quit, it is also easy to cut corners and do something wrong because it’s the easier option. Students in karate are taught integrity- doing the right thing even if no one is watching. There are moments when they are empowered to work independently, whether that is practicing outside of class or working hard when the instructor isn’t looking. They know that they will never get what they want unless they follow the right thing so they practice that at all times. 


No one likes someone with a bad attitude. Students learn to have a positive attitude- the way they act. Even if they are having a bad day, they walk into the dojang knowing that things will get better if they are positive. Life is hard and bad situations happen, but a Martial Artist is able to work through the bad while keeping a positive light in their lives.


The goal when you begin taekwondo on day one is to become a Black Belt. Along the way, there are many smaller goals. They learn that a goal is something you have to work to achieve. It takes hard work to get anywhere you want in life but by setting a goal and working to achieve it, they can accomplish anything.


In order to achieve a goal, students have to practice discipline or obeying what is right. The right thing to do is to come to class, practice at home, and using the life skills outside of class. By being taught and practicing discipline, they obey what is right in all situations.


In order to learn anything new in life, focus is required. Martial Artists are taught to pay. specific attention to something. They pay attention to the details of every form they learn, every new move, and everything the instructor says. Their focus makes them better Martial Artists and better people, listening and paying attention to the world around them.

By learning and practicing the eight life skills on a daily basis, students learn to become better people. They take the life skills and apply them to their everyday lives whether that is in school, playing other sports, being with friends, or interacting with their parents. At Mueller’s Martial Arts we teach people to change the world for the better, one Black Belt at a time.