Back to School for Martial Arts


Back to School for Martial Arts

This year is going to be different. This year is going to be better! Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. This is where we come in. Summer is almost over, can you believe it? With summer ending, that means that school is starting again soon. Going back to school requires a lot of demands for both parents and kids, so it’s important to be armed with the best skills possible to make it a great experience. Taekwondo training has been proven to help kids with better focus in the classroom, discipline while doing homework, and perseverance to overcome the hard days which results in achieving better grades.

During Martial Arts classes, instructors will teach the eight life skills- attitude, perseverance, focus, discipline, integrity, goals respect, and confidence. These skills enable students to achieve success in school. At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we help prepare students for anything that life throws their way this crazy school year.


Students are taught to pay specific attention during their classes. They focus on the details of the skills that they are learning on pay attention to the instructor. This directly translates to when they are in school. They pay attention to what their teacher is saying and focus on the details of their lessons. By learning focus they are able to remember more and do better on homework and tests. They absorb the information on a higher level.


Students are taught to obey what is right while learning discipline. They are taught that the right thing to do is to practice what they learn in classes and put in their best effort. During school, discipline correlates because they are disciplined to do their homework and study- practicing what they have learned. By practicing they become better Martial Artists and better students. They know that the right thing is to do all of their responsibilities and they obey them.


Martial Artists learn to never give up. Learning anything new is challenging and it can be easy to give up. That is not acceptable in the taekwondo world and they practice perseverance to never give up when things get hard. The same can be said for school. Learning new material is difficult and takes dedication. If they fail a test or get a bad grade on a paper, it would be easy to accept that they are never going to understand the content or never do better. Because they have trained perseverance during karate classes, students never give up and keep working until they master the material. This means better grades, more experiences, and a great school year.

There is a reason that so many Martial Artists are top in their class at school. They practice the skills needed to be successful in life on a daily basis and bring them into their everyday lives. At Mueller’s Martial Arts we teach the eight life skills in every single class and work to build students into the best people they can be. With our help, this can be the best school year that the students have ever experienced! Learn more about our program by clicking here.