World Championships


World Championships

Mueller’s Martial Arts competed in the National Martial Arts Alliance World Championships tournament this weekend held at the Denver Convention Center. Students from all around the United States as well as the rest of the world competed against each other to win the title of World Champion. We had six students compete in various events. 

Two students won World Championship titles! Tye Pearce won in women’s traditional forms. Oliver Mlodzik won in weapons sparring. All of the students spent the last five weeks before worlds, training three hours a day three times a week in additional classes. They practiced at home and any opportunity that they could to prepare. Their hard work paid off and they brought home world titles. 

Each World Champion gets a Shimsan sword, a World Champion uniform, and a medal. They also have the pride in knowing that they are the best in the entire world. It is a huge and amazing accomplishment that not many people can say that they achieved. Tye said that it was the most pivotal moment of their entire life. At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we train World Champions.

Not only were their two world champs, all of the other students placed as well. They achieved either second or third place. In perspective of the entire world, second and third place is an incredible accomplishment as well. Knowing that every student that competed placed top three in the entire world is a spectacular feat for the taekwondo school. 

Saturday began the next round of the 2022-2023 tournament season. Students from all ranks and all ages were able to compete to win the tournament. This starts their efforts to qualify to make it to worlds tournament next year. Mueller’s Martial Arts had 20 students competing, and had several students sweep their entire ring! They won in every single event. It was a fantastic start to the season!

Not only was there World Championships and all ranks competition, several Black Belts also tested for their next rank or midterm. Every single student passed their testing! We have three new second degrees and several students in the next step to achieving their new belt. It was a great weekend!

Taekwondo training can absolutely change lives, but it can also give students the opportunity to win a World Championship. The look on the Martial Artists’ faces, the pride of their parents, is not comparable to any other experience. It is a moment that they will remember and carry with them the rest of their lives. Work begins right now to get even more titles next year! Mueller’s Martial Arts is so proud of our students’ hard work and dedication to success.