State Tournament


State Tournament

Mueller’s Martial Arts competed this past weekend in the State Tournament! The tournament is held for competitors that are a part of the National Martial Arts Alliance. It took place at Venture Martial Arts in Central Park. Taekwondo students from around the entire state of Colorado competed to win a State Championship title. 

Mueller’s Martial Arts had eight students that earned their chance to compete. Students have to earn points by participating in other tournaments throughout the year. They earn points based on how they do in the tournament. The better they do, taking first, second, or third place, the more points they earn. Martial Artists of all ranks and ages are able to compete if they qualify. It is the only opportunity for a color belt to earn a championship title.

The fourteen students qualified in 43 different events. The events they competed in were forms, weapons, XMA, sparring, weapons sparring, and weapon forms. They brought back 16 State Championship titles! Students of all ranks won the titles. 

For the past few weeks, the competition team students have been participating in Champ Camp which is extra training to get ready for State and Worlds. They train for three extra hours a day, three days a week on top of going to regular classes. Their hard work and dedication paid off, winning more events than any other school in the organization. 

The training doesn’t stop there. They will continue with Champ Camp until the World Championship tournament which will take place in July. Students that are part of the National Martial Arts Alliance will come from all over the world to try to become World Champions. School owner, Sean Mueller, is excited to bring home a world title. 

“The students have shown that hard work and dedication pays off. I am so proud of all that they have accomplished and am so excited to see what they can accomplish on their taekwondo journey. They are not only gifted and talented, they have the hearts of champions. That will take them far in life.” 

Mueller’s Martial Arts will have five Black Belt students competing in Worlds. They are always looking to grow their family and change lives through Martial Arts training. To learn more about their program click here.