Tye found acceptance in Taekwondo


Tye found acceptance in Taekwondo

Tye Pearce Instructor At Mueller's Martial Arts In Lakewood, CO

In a world where being different is not always accepted, Tye found acceptance in Taekwondo. When they walk into the dojang, it is their space. It’s a place where there is no pressure or stress and they can focus on their own personal development.

“It’s a place I can go where there is no pressure to be anything but myself. I can be good at it and it’s my own space.” Most notably, Mueller’s Martial Arts is a safe place where they could be who they really are without judgement or exclusion.

Unlike team sports, Tye likes that they don’t need to rely on other people for their success. It all comes down to the hard work and dedication that they put in on a daily basis. “If other people don’t want to put in the effort and I still want to, I will still get results. My success is all based on my own dedication, not reliant on anyone else.”

When they were invited to join the competition team it made them feel special, like they were the best of the best. “When I come in for the competition team I am ready to work to become the best that I can be. I know that the competition throughout the organization is tough, so I work even harder to keep up.” As part of the National Martial Arts Alliance, Tye hopes to represent Mueller’s Martial Arts at the highest level.

As a junior instructor, Tye’s favorite part of martial arts is getting to share their knowledge and passion with others. They love the feeling of when a student performs something that they taught or seeing them improve. The moment where a student learns something new and lights up keeps them motivated and excited.

“When I teach I get to feel like I’m getting to do something good for people and making an impact in the students lives. It’s so special knowing that I’m going to be remembered in these little students’ lives for years to come. It’s really important to me. I just love the look in their eyes when they learn something new and I know that I taught them that.”

Tye wants to take Taekwondo as far as they can, winning world championships and eventually teaching as a job. They hope to inspire and welcome people of all shapes and sizes to join in this amazing community.