Competition Team


Competition Team

When the new year started at Mueller’s Martial Arts, we started our incredible 2023 competition team! Our comp team is made up of a select group of students of all ages who are chosen by invite only to join the group. The students are selected because they show outstanding commitment, leadership, and skill in every class that they attend. It is an honor to get selected onto the team, and they have to prove themselves worthy to be a part of it. 

The competition team is required to attend comp team class every single Friday. If they miss a class, they are required to teach another class to make up for the lost time. They only get to miss one class a month or they are disqualified from the team. They are also required to attend sparring class every Friday, to get better at and practice their sparring. 

The workouts are a step up from regular classes, they last longer and are much more challenging. It is a class that pushes students to their limits every single week that incorporates intense Martial Arts, but also strength training and running. They get extra time to work on their forms for, you guessed it, competition. 

Students on the comp team are required to attend every tournament. They have to compete to stay on the team. That means not only working hard to do their best at tournaments, but also competing in every event that they can. That means forms, sparring, weapons, elevated, inventive- anything that they can prove themselves in. The goal is for color belts to win a State Championship title, and for Blackbelts to win a World Championship title. 

Competition team is a place where students work extremely hard and push themselves, but it is also a place of friendship. The comp team often grows closer than any of the other classes because of the extra time they spend together. The team also does outings as a group, where they get together and do something fun like bowling, going to events, etc. The team pushes and supports each other to become the best Martial Artists they can be. 

Mueller’s Martial Arts competition team will be competing at the tournament on February 11th. To learn more about our program, click here