We LOVE Taekwondo


We LOVE Taekwondo

Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is a special time to celebrate those that you love, but it can also be a moment to think about WHAT you love. We don’t know about you, but at Mueller’s Martial Arts, we love taekwondo!


Our friends are at taekwondo! Each day that we attend class, we get to see our friends. Some people make their best friends while training, and sometimes those friendships last their entire lives. It also gives students the chance to make new friends from different schools and backgrounds. Sometimes the most unlikely and best friends come from taekwondo. 


Did you know that unlike many other sports, in Martial Arts you can train with your entire family? At Mueller’s Martial Arts we have a family class, which gives families the chance to train together. It’s all ranks and all ages so anyone can join. Training together gives families the opportunity to work towards a common goal and share a common interest. Families that train together stay together!


Our goal at Mueller’s Martial Arts is to be a welcoming place in the Lakewood community where everyone belongs. Our doors are open to everyone regardless of where you are in life. We just want to bring people together to learn some awesome stuff, and become better people along the way. In the studio we are all family and anyone that chooses to come in should feel the same. 

In a world full of hate we want to take this Valentine’s Day to tell all of our students, we love YOU. Without our community of Martial Artists we couldn’t do what we do. We love to kick and punch, but we love training with you even more. Happy Valentine’s Day!