Control Your Mind or It Will Control You


Control Your Mind or It Will Control You

We live in a world today that is riddled with depression, anxiety, and a slew of other mental health issues. Because we are so inundated with television, video games, and computer work, we don’t get the socialization and physical activity we need. Many people find that they are not able to stop their minds from spiraling out of control. Taekwondo training can help with that.

Controlling your body:

Martial Arts training requires a great deal of control over your body. When learning new moves and putting them into practice for your forms, you have to control your stances, foot and hand position, as well as what your body is doing. While you are controlling your body, your mind is also putting in the work. You have to focus intently on mastering your body movements which trains your mind and body to work together. This is a practice of controlling your mind.

Self control:

One of the most exciting parts of taekwondo training is sparring. It takes a great deal of analysis to determine what your opponent is going to do and how you are going to stop them. The most important part of sparring however, is self control. You don’t want to hurt your partner and there are certain areas of the body that are off limits. To hit with precision and control requires a great deal of mind and body mastery. When you train your body to move the way your brain commands, that’s a form of controlling your mind.

Mental control:

Perhaps the most important part of Martial Arts training is the life skills learned in class. They are focus, attitude, discipline, integrity, respect, goals, perseverance, and confidence. Each lesson we train students the meaning behind these skills and how to apply them in daily life. When they have learned and practiced them enough times it will become second nature to them and they don’t even have to think about using them. That’s called neuroplasticity which is a form of training your brain. That helps you control your mind.

Overcoming challenges:

Life will challenge us always and forever. There’s no way around it. In order to overcome challenges we have to be able to control our minds so that we don’t become overwhelmed and shut down making us unable to function. Taekwondo teaches us how to overcome challenges on an almost daily basis. Whether it’s learning a new move, testing for a new belt, or competing in a tournament, if we learn how to overcome the hard things while training we will be able to do it in life. 

If we take all of the lessons learned on the mat we can learn to control our minds so that they don’t control us. With a family of fellow Martial Artists rooting you on, and the skills needed to overcome anything, you can control your brain. We’ll teach you how at Mueller’s Martial Arts. To learn more about our program, click here.