More Than a Fun Activity


More Than a Fun Activity

We can all agree that Martial Arts training is a super fun activity. Who doesn’t love to kick and punch stuff? But taekwondo is far more than just a fun activity. We at Mueller’s Martial Arts want to remind all of you that there is much more to learn and benefit from coming to class. It takes parents, students, and instructors to work hand in hand to get the best experience from the program.

Life skills:

The best part of Martial Arts training is the life skills we teach in every class. These skills are focus, dedication, perseverance, attitude, goals, confidence, respect, and integrity. Learning life skills for kids is extremely important. These skills carry over at home, school, with friends, and in every aspect of life. They learn to become the best version of themselves in every single class. It is a two way street though. Parents have to enforce life skills just like the instructors have to in class.

Physical fitness:

We all know that most people nowadays just want to stay at home playing video games and watching TV. The truth is that it is damaging for both mental and physical health. We need to move our bodies and most kids sit at desks in school all day and come home and sit on the couch. Moving our bodies in fun and different ways not only gets us in better shape, but also improves our mental and physical health. Exercise releases endorphins which makes us happy. 

Embracing routine:

Life is built on a foundation of routine. There is no way around it. Successful people have actually been shown to have a daily routine that they stick to each and every day. Coming to class at times can become monotonous. But that’s life. Sometimes we have to do routine things like go to work, clean the house, and make dinner because it is our responsibility. If we teach kids at a young age to stick to a routine and have fun along the way, they will be more successful adults that honor their commitments. 

Overcoming hard things:

LIFE ISN’T EASY. Us adults definitely know that, but when it comes to our kids, we want to make their experience as easy as possible. That mindset is actually doing more harm than good. Kids need to learn at a young age that life is going to challenge them and they need to overcome those challenges. That’s where taekwondo comes in. Each time they learn something new or are pushed to a new level, they prove to themselves that they can overcome hard things if they work for it. This mentally will carry into adulthood where they will be able to handle the challenges that life throws at them.

Taekwondo is so much more than just a fun activity. Once you realize all the amazing benefits that fully embracing Martial Arts training can provide, you won’t want to leave until you have gotten everything you can out of it. That’s the best part- it’s a lifelong journey that constantly challenges you and teaches you new lessons to become strong and amazing! To learn more about Mueller’s Martial Arts, click here.