Martial Arts at Any Age


Martial Arts at Any Age

We’ve all watched The Karate Kid or Cobra Kai and we love to see those rebellious teenagers face against their bullies and win. They show extreme skill with their awesome moves without even stretching or warming up. But what about those of us that aren’t as mobile anymore? Or those that are young and just learning to navigate life? How do they fit into karate?

The truth of the matter is that you do not need to be a fit teenager to benefit from taekwondo. At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we train people from 4 to 100. If you’re 101 and want to train, that’s okay too. Both young kids and older adults find their place in Martial Arts training. There’s benefits for all age ranges.

Young kids:

We start our little dragons program at age four. While the littles are not going to be learning to fight anytime soon, they do pick up on some valuable lessons. On a physical level, they learn coordination and balance. They also learn to listen and focus on what their instructors are saying. They learn how to respect themselves and others and the basic life skills to become good people. Plus, they get to have fun in a safe and educational environment! 

Kids and Teens:

Kids and teens face a whole set of different life problems. Taekwondo teaches them the life skills to navigate through life in a positive and constructive manner. The skills they learn in class like respect and focus are used in school, at home, and with each other. Their grades are better, they have more friends, and they listen to their parents. Physically, they are given a place to stay in shape and burn off energy in a good way. They are taken away from sitting around playing video games and watching TV to becoming better and stronger people.


Adults are probably the trickiest students in Martial Arts. Let’s face it, between kids, jobs, taking care of the house, and self-care, there is little time and energy left for anything else. Our bodies are slower and less flexible and there are a million different gyms we can join. But training in Martial Arts as an adult is different. It challenges our bodies in new and unique ways to give us strength, cardio, and flexibility training. It also is a mental workout which keeps our brains young and neuroplastic. We learn self-defense to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The best part is the community where we get to make new friends and push ourselves toward a common goal. We even get to work out with our kids!
Martial Arts doesn’t have to be just for what you see it TV shows and movies. Anyone at any age can benefit from training. At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we welcome anyone age 4-100 and beyond!