Getting Through Winter


Getting Through Winter

Winter is a struggle. Am I right? This time of year is especially difficult with cold weather, sickness, isolation, and less sunny days. While many people just trudge through the winter season looking forward to better days, what if this year was different? Mueller’s Martial Arts want to challenge you to see this time of year as an opportunity to find joy in the moment. Did you know that taekwondo can help you have something to not only get you through winter, but also something to look forward to.

Getting out of the House:

We know that when it’s cold outside all you want to do is to stay inside and watch TV or play video games. But the truth of the matter is that doing so is not good for your mental and physical health. By having a set routine of going to taekwondo consistently, you get out of the house and do something that benefits every aspect of your life. While it may seem like there is not a lot to do in the winter, Martial Arts is always there with tournaments, testing, and just coming to class. Plus it’s indoors and warm which is an extra added bonus. So next time you’re thinking, “I don’t want to do anything today”, get in your car and come to taekwondo. We promise you’ll be glad you did. 


Winter can come with a lot of isolation. During warmer months we are getting out and socializing, during winter we are primarily focused on our immediate surroundings. Socialization plays a huge role in mental and physical health, and being part of an amazing community can get you through the winter blues. At Mueller’s Martial Arts we love our taekwondo family, full of support and friendship. Everyone is there to cheer you on and support you through your journey in life. Sometimes the best way to get through hard days is with the support of others.


Most people started the new year wanting to exercise more or be more active or get healthier. Taekwondo is a fun way to get in an amazing workout that not only gets you sweating but teaches you practical application and use. In addition, exercise is scientifically proven to release chemicals in our body that help us feel good. So when you are feeling down in the winter one of the best things you can do for yourself is to come to class and sweat it out. You may regret not doing a workout, but you’ll never regret doing one.


Remember those goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? They’re still there! Whatever goal you set for yourself may have already fallen by the wayside, but that’s one of the best things about Martial Arts training. There is always a new goal to work towards. Whether it’s a higher rank, winning a tournament, or mastering a move- you always have something to strive towards. Unlike many other resolutions, in karate we give real, actionable, and achievable ways to reach those goals in set periods of time. If you want to accomplish any sort of goal, whether that be physical or mental, taekwondo is a great place to start!

Let’s beat the winter blues together by training at Mueller’s Martial Arts! Winter doesn’t have to be a bad time of year. It can be the time you use to set yourself up for future success while enjoying the ride! To learn more about our program, click here.