Pride in Your Accomplishments


Pride in Your Accomplishments

We live in a world where it’s very much go, go, go and there is never a moment to look back at what you just did. When we achieve a goal it’s immediately onto the next one. We tend to be hard on ourselves when we feel like we are not where we should or want to be. It’s easy to get lost in the always striving mentality which can be great for working hard, but it can also cause a lot of pressure and anxiety.

We hope at Mueller’s Martial Arts, you take a moment to look back and realize all that you have accomplished. You put in weeks, months, and even years of hard work to get exactly where you are right now. Was it perfect? Probably not. But you continued to show up every single day with the determination to get better. That in itself is a difficult feat to accomplish. Many people don’t even try in the first place and you did. You kept going. 

Starting as a white belt isn’t an easy thing. You took the brave first step to make a better life for yourself. If you are a black belt or even Grandmaster you should be proud. You kept moving forward even on the days you wanted to quit. If you got your black belt and kept going after that, you should be especially proud. You showed that there is no end to training.

Maybe you’ve had failures and setbacks. That’s okay, they’re a part of life. If you set out last year to win a State or World Championship title and didn’t come close, that’s okay. Guess what? You still made it to State or World’s. That took so much hard work and dedication to get there and you stuck with it. If you are going to try again this year, you should be proud of that too. 

I want you to take a moment and look back at all that you accomplished in the last year. If you are a parent of a taekwondo student, you do it too. Look back at all that your child accomplished. Now tell them you’re proud of them. Be specific. Same goes for you- the Martial Artist that is reading this. Think about all the moments that you pushed yourself last year to get where you are now.

We want you to know at Mueller’s Martial Arts that we are so incredibly proud of you. Each and every one of our students puts forth their best foot on a daily basis and continues to work to get better. We are proud of the parents that encourage their kids, the families that train together, and the people that stepped into the dojang one day and decided they weren’t going to quit. We are so proud of you and we hope you are proud of yourself too!

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