Next Level Instructor Program


Next Level Instructor Program

Invites went out last week to our Next Level Instructor Program! This program is a comprehensive training program created by Chief Master and Master Horn designed to shape the best instructors in the National Martial Arts Alliance. While Mueller’s Martial Arts already has several amazing assistant instructors, this will broaden the invites to people of all ranks and ages to join the instructor team. 

The program teaches students everything they need to learn all the way from assisting in class to owning their own school someday. Having a rewarding and viable career option at a young age empowers them to have confidence about their bright future. Students earn collars along the way to show their progress as they go along. Mr. Mueller is the highest rank at black collar, and Tye and Santi just below him at blue collar. That means that they have the skills to run the entire school on their own and know the necessary skills to run classes.

The program is far more than just creating instructors however. It teaches students life skills necessary for success in life like leadership and public speaking. They are trained how to stand in front of other people and teach others things that they know. This skillset is essential for any future leaders in the world and is great to start at a young age.

These life skills continue to be beneficial through the students’ entire lives. It will help them succeed in any path that they decide to take whether that may be opening their own school or going to college and starting a career. It can even be both! The possibilities are endless for students that join the next level program because they will be set up for a bright and open future with the skills that they need to succeed. 

Students that were invited to partake in the next level program were students that showed interest in teaching and leadership skills in class. They are students who not only show up for their own classes, but go above and beyond in their willingness to help others and have a drive to become teachers in taekwondo. Like with many other things in life, they had to prove their willingness to take their training to the next level.
Next level instructor classes will take the place of elevated/inventive classes that were previously held on Wednesday nights. To learn more about Mueller’s Martial Arts, click here.