First Testing in Taekwondo


First Testing in Taekwondo

The first color belt testing in taekwondo is one of the most important moments in a student’s taekwondo career. It’s the moment they go from a white belt to an orange belt and have taken the first bold step towards becoming a Black Belt.

When a new student first comes to learn taekwondo, they make the hard yet brave decision to try something new. Their parents are looking to get them involved in a new sport or activity, maybe because they lack confidence or discipline. They receive their uniform and their first belt, a white belt. 

Coming into their first class is just a tiny step in their journey. They continue to show up and work hard in every class, learning new material that might be completely foreign to them. Their first form or Shimsan 1, is a series of moves that challenges them mentally and physically. They learn to chamber, kick, and punch, and block with proper technique.

Beyond the basics of Martial Arts training, they learn about bully self defense and stranger danger. They gain the knowledge on what to do if they are being bullied or if a stranger tries to take them. In addition, they are taught the eight life skills- confidence, perseverance, integrity, goals, respect, attitude, focus, and discipline. Not only do they know what they mean, but they use them in every single class. By attending lessons, they gain real world knowledge that is applicable in everyday life. 

What does that have to do with their first testing? Their first testing is the opportunity to show everything that they have learned from coming to karate. They show their form, stranger danger, and bully self defense. They have to get a “parent stripe” which communicates with parents to make sure they have been using life skills outside of class. They get to take part in a huge testing with other students that have worked with them side by side everyday.

Testing for their orange belt keeps their momentum going and shows them they can earn something really amazing if they show up and put in the work. Students and parents are so proud of this accomplishment and it’s a victorious moment for everyone involved. Most importantly, it’s the first step towards getting their Black Belt, the ultimate goal. 

While they still may be considered a beginner when they are an orange belt, they are part of something even bigger than themselves. They have been integrated into the life of a Martial Artist and can proudly call themselves one. At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we honor our white belt testers for sticking with something new and earning this great honor.
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