Strength of a Dojang


Strength of a Dojang

The strength of a dojang lies not within the four walls, rather, it lies within the hearts of the students. It is not necessarily how strong each student is, how hard they can punch and kick and if they can break tough boards. Instead, it is how much they are willing to do without giving up and to keep moving forward.

At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we welcome students from every walk of life. They are often people you would never expect to become Martial Artists because they have a disability, are overweight, or struggle with depression or anxiety. We train them to embrace the best parts of themselves, and to push the discomfort of learning new things. 

By teaching them eight essential life skills- confidence, respect, focus, discipline, integrity, attitude, goals, and perseverance- they have everything they need to succeed in life. Built upon that foundation, we strengthen their minds and bodies to overcome any challenge that lies ahead of them. 

Developing the strength and character of each student as an individual contributes to the dojang as a whole. A whole community of students is built with mental toughness, living in the hearts of each one. They inspire and encourage each other to never give up and to succeed on the highest level as Martial Artists.

As a whole, they are humble, kind, and always willing to help others. They know they can defend themselves and their loved ones in any situation. They show up for their family, friends, and community in a way that can not be compared. The strength of the dojang lies in the hearts of the students, to change the world for the better, one Black Belt at a time. Now that’s strong.

At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we would be nothing without the incredible people we work with everyday. We are proud to call them students as well as Martial Artists. We truly believe that our taekwondo dojang is the best one out there. 

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