Growing Up Through Martial Arts


Growing Up Through Martial Arts

Many kids start Martial Arts training at a young age, some even four years old! Getting older and training can go hand in hand to help kids mature and become thriving adults. While the journey through taekwondo can be challenging, we all know that so can life. That’s why it’s so important to use it to train yourself to overcome challenges and reap the benefits of all that it can offer. Martial Arts helps you get through life, life helps you get through Martial Arts.

There are so many benefits of taekwondo for kids. They learn to be confident while becoming their own person. They respect their teachers and coaches. They listen to their parents and do the right thing when questionable decisions arise. They become better students and athletes by focusing and having discipline. Kids set goals and work hard to achieve them. Most importantly, they learn to persevere even when times get tough. 

Training as kids makes them better people and helps them grow into incredible adults. We all know there’s a time when the little Martial Artist grows into an adult and they have to figure out life on their own. It is definitely scary for both kids and their parents but don’t worry, the subconscious lessons they’ve learned along their years of training has prepared them for the future that lies ahead. 

Take confidence for example. As kids they learn to speak up during class and believe in themselves. As adults they have a strong voice to stand up for themselves and speak up for the things they feel passionately about. They learned how to respect their elders so as adults, they respect not only their elders but their peers as well. When tempted with things like drugs and bad decisions, they have the integrity to say no. Over years of training they have found a fondness for fitness and therefore work to keep their bodies healthy and in shape. Just like when they were kids, they continue to persevere even when times get tough.

The most important thing that Martial Artists can take with them into adulthood as they grow up is a sense of power. They’ve trained for a long time to connect their body and mind, to protect themselves, and to prove that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to as long as they put in the hard work. There comes a time when they have to make their own decisions and forge their own path, taekwondo just gave them the skills to do so. If you’re a parent in this situation or a young adult venturing into the world on your own, believe in yourself, believe in them. You got this.