Mr. Mueller Visits Lakewood


Mr. Mueller Visits Lakewood

Mr. Mueller is visiting the Lakewood community this week! We are so excited that he will be representing Mueller’s Martial Arts while visiting schools in the area. If you see him at your school, make sure to say hi and tell others how taekwondo has changed your life.

Mueller’s Martial Arts is so proud to be a part of the Lakewood community. We’ve been here for five years, Mr. and Mrs. Mueller living here for even longer. The people and businesses in the city are extremely important to us, and it’s an honor for us to represent our school as we tell others what we are about.

Students from our dojang put Mr. Mueller in touch with their teachers so that he could visit their classrooms. He has one goal while there, to share with other kiddos just what we do during Martial Arts training. He of course will share all the cool stuff, punching, kicking and even having one student get to break a real board in their class in front of everyone! But the second part of what he shares is far more important.

The core values of our studio are that all students learn the nine essential life skills. They are confidence, discipline, integrity, dedication, perseverance, focus, respect, attitude, and goals. Each time he visits the classrooms, he tells the students about how taekwondo teaches each of the life skills and empowers the students to use them in their everyday lives.

Our goal as a dojang is to make kids in the Lakewood community confident, to break out of their shell and feel powerful in everything that they do. We want them to focus on what their parents and teachers say so that they get better grades and have a great relationship. They will show respect to their peers and have a good attitude for life. They will do the right thing and stay disciplined in all their pursuits. Staying dedicated, they will persevere until they reach their goals.

By learning and using these life skills in every class, our students take them into their everyday lives to become the best versions of themselves. Kids are our future and this training is so impactful that we want to share it with everyone! By going into schools we get the word out that we have a pretty amazing program that can change their lives for the better.We want you to help us by spreading the message of our awesome work! If you want Mr. Mueller to come to your school, let us know! We couldn’t do all this without you! To learn more about our program, click here.