Halloween Taekwondo


Halloween Taekwondo

Halloween is on Monday! On Friday at Mueller’s Martial Arts, students get to dress up in their costumes. Halloween is a spooky fun holiday that is a great time for kids of all ages, and adults too. People get the opportunity to dress up as a different person for the night and get treats along the way. One of the most popular costumes year after year is a karate or ninja costume. In recent years it’s been a costume from Cobra Kai! The reason that people want to dress up as Martial Artists, even if they aren’t one, is because people that participate in taekwondo are pretty incredible. With the skills learned in classes, who wouldn’t want to be a Martial Artist for Halloween?

Self-defense to keep you safe:

The most important part of Halloween is being safe. That goes for the entire family, but especially if a kiddo is going out on their own or with friends. Luckily, taekwondo teaches self-defense. Kids are empowered to protect themselves and their loved ones in any situation. They are taught stranger danger and what to do if they are approached by someone they don’t know. Parents can feel confident in knowing that their children are safe and able to defend themselves. 

Skills that everyone wants to be able to do:

As Johnny Lawrence would say, “We’re bad***!” Martial Arts training teaches students to use their bodies in incredible ways and perform awesome moves. Kicks over their head, strong and fast punches, and even some tricks that include flipping- those are just some of the skills learned in taekwondo class. Not only are those moves incredibly cool, they also help students with hand eye coordination, strength, and flexibility. Everyone wants to be a skilled Martial Artist!

Honorable and awesome:

The way of the fist is more than just kicking and punching. It is a set of values that makes students honorable people. In each class we teach the eight life skills that set students up for success for their entire lives. They are respect, discipline, focus, confidence, dedication, perseverance, attitude, and integrity. All of the life skills teach students to be honorable above all else. Honorable people are certainly awesome people, and the type of people that everyone wants to be around. 

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to dress up as your favorite Martial Artist, or even better, join taekwondo so you can actually learn those skills. Everyone loves to watch Cobra Kai, Bruce Lee, and the Karate Kid, but actually participating is far better than any movie, TV show, or Halloween costume. To learn more about our program, click here!