Discipline Over Motivation


Discipline Over Motivation

We get asked all the time, “How do you stay motivated?” The truth is, motivation is hard to come by for everyone. Even professional athletes, Olympians, and people that love every second of fitness have trouble staying motivated. Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing it. That’s where discipline overcomes motivation. You go to class because you remember your goals and that is more important than the motivation that you lack.

When you practice discipline, you see far more success than if you just rely on your motivation. Showing up even when you don’t feel like it is showing up for yourself. No one ever got better by taking it easy and giving up on their goals. Luckily, we teach students to practice discipline in class. We teach them to obey what is right, which means honoring your commitments and keep moving forward even if you don’t feel like it.

What happens when you are disciplined? Incredible success! Last weekend, the most disciplined students from Mueller’s Martial Arts competed at the tournament in Golden. They were able to show off the skills that they have learned in taekwondo- whether training for a few months or many years. They showed up for class, worked their hardest, and kept going even if they weren’t motivated to do so. The result- honor and success.

Mueller’s Martial Arts had 20 students earn first place. There were 16 second places and 10 third places. Each student showed up, gave their best, and placed in the top three in the region. They earned points that got them even closer to winning a World Championship title. By staying disciplined they were able to achieve one of the goals that they are working for. 

In the taekwondo world, those goals can be big or small. Students can work to win a tournament, win a World Championship, earn a Black Belt, become a Master, or even go to the Olympics. It all starts by overcoming the lack of motivation they are bound to experience and stay disciplined to achieve those goals.

When you wake up and say, “Ugh, I don’t feel like going today,” get up and show up anyways. You’ll thank yourself someday when you’re successful in the goals you’ve always wanted to achieve. To learn more about Mueller’s Martial Arts, click here.