Over the weekend, Mueller’s Martial Arts went to Nationals! It was such a wonderful experience not only for our students, but for the National Martial Arts Alliance as a whole. Held in Henderson, Nevada, students traveled from around the world to compete for a National title. We brought home six first places, four second places, and seven third places. Every single one of our students that competed placed in the top three!

We often get asked, why attend Nationals out of state when we can compete in-state tournaments? First of all, students that compete at Nationals get double the points that they would normally get at an in-state tournament. In order to qualify for State and World Championships, students need a certain amount of points that they gain competing throughout the year. By going to Nationals you double your chances of qualifying.

In addition to that, the day after Nationals is a regional tournament where you get another opportunity to earn points. That’s a lot of points you can earn in one weekend! That gets students that much closer to qualifying for Worlds and State. 

Second, it was an incredible experience! Not very often in life do you get to stay at a world class resort and compete in taekwondo. Students got to meet people from all around the country and even the world including South Africa, Australia, and Peru! They get to showcase what they have learned and worked so hard to achieve over their taekwondo career. Bringing home a title and a medal is pretty awesome too!

Lastly, it is the ultimate bonding experience. We know that taekwondo training builds lifelong friendships, but going to an out-of-state tournament like Nationals allows teams to cond even further. Students get to spend time together outside of taekwondo and enjoy new experiences together. One of our favorite moments from the whole weekend was when we had a team dinner together. Students and parents sat together, ate good food, and just talked through the night. We definitely left with full hearts. 

Nationals is such an amazing experience that we hope many more students can enjoy someday! Next year we want to bring even more students and have even more fun and win more titles. Put it in your calendar right now, come to Nationals next year!