Thankful for Taekwondo


Thankful for Taekwondo

Thanksgiving is a time of year to spend with family and reflect on what you are thankful for. At Mueller’s Martial Arts, we are thankful for our taekwondo family! Our students, parents, and instructors are all part of our extended family, and we appreciate each and every one of them. This year we want to honor them by telling them why we are thankful for them.

Taekwondo is Home:

For many students, the dojang is their home. It is a place where they feel welcome and safe, a place where they truly belong. Everyone there knows their name and respects them on a deep level. They work together towards a common goal and uplift and support each other along the way. They are part of a community that goes beyond where they live, it is a place of acceptance and encouragement. We are so thankful for our taekwondo home.

Best Friends:

Many students build lifelong friendships through taekwondo training. A lot of times they go to the same school and form bonds beyond the dojang and into the classroom. Often it goes beyond that, they become friends outside of school, outside of taekwondo and into their daily lives. They rely on and trust each other as friends. These friendships can last a lifetime and take students further than they ever thought possible. They know they can lean on their fellow students, their friends, through good times and bad. One of Mr. Mueller’s best friends and business partners was fostered through taekwondo. We are so thankful for our taekwondo friends.

Attitude for Gratitude:

We all know that Martial Arts training teaches the eight basic life skills- respect, confidence, perseverance, attitude, focus, dedication, discipline, and integrity. By learning and training these life skills in every class, students foster an attitude for gratitude. They have a positive perspective and outlook on life, and are grateful for the life that they live. They learn the skills that they need to succeed in life, plus they get to have a great time participating in taekwondo training. We are so thankful for the opportunity to teach and learn life skills.

Every student that trains in Martial Arts is unique and amazing in their own way. We are so grateful to be able to work with kids from ages 4 to 100 and be part of this amazing community, but more importantly, our taekwondo family. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from your family at Mueller’s Martial Arts!