Kicking Around the World


Kicking Around the World

You may leave taekwondo, but taekwondo will never leave you. This month, many students from Mueller’s Martial Arts have sent in pictures “kicking around the world”. Summer is a crazy time filled with vacations and travel, summer sports and family time. Students may not come to class as consistently as in the fall and winter, but the Martial Arts spirit never leaves them.

You miss it when you are away:

Many may ask why people are randomly throwing side kicks for pictures in front of cool locations. The first reason is that when you are truly dedicated to training, you think about it even when you are on break. You spend so much of your life training and coming to class that when you are away you miss it.

It’s a part of you:

Taekwondo is part of you. It is in your blood, bones, muscles, and soul. Martial Arts isn’t just about learning kicking and punching. It’s about the life skills you learn and embrace along the way- confidence, respect, integrity, attitude, perseverance, discipline, focus, and goals. When practiced enough they become a part of who you are and you carry that with you everywhere that you go.

You want to show some awesome moves:

Not everyone can do awesome kicks above their head or feel confident protecting themselves. When you are in amazing places with spectacular views you want to show off everything that you have learned through the many hours of blood, sweat, and tears. It’s almost your way of getting a postcard of everywhere that you go, except for you, it’s kicking around the world.

Taekwondo becomes a part of who you are when you train long enough. A Black Belt is just a white belt who never quit. The goal of every student when they walk into the dojang for the first time is to become a Black Belt. We all want to be awesome and lucky enough to get to kick around the world.

Mueller’s Martial Arts instills taekwondo to be a part of your entire life. To learn more about our program, click here.