World’s Week


World’s Week

World Championships are this week! Students in the National Martial Arts Alliance from all around the world will be coming to Denver to compete in the World Championship competition. They will compete to win a world title and be awarded this year’s best in the NMAA. Mueller’s Martial Arts has six students competing this year. Last year, we took home two titles and this year we hope for many more!

It isn’t just a regular tournament however. The festivities start on with seminars and trainings led by Chief Master Horn and other Masters of the NMAA. Masters, students, school owners, and instructors get the chance to improve their craft and learn from the best of the best in the organization. 

On Thursday, testing will begin. Black Belts get to midterm or test for their next belt in front of the entire organization. Five of Mueller’s Martial Arts’s students will be testing. In order to get their next belt they have to know and be able to perform all of the color belt forms, their form, a weapon form, and break boards. Thursday will also begin the first day of competition. 

Friday, competition continues with the Tournament of Champions. Only Black Belts are able to compete for a world title and in order to get the opportunity, they have to earn their way there. They must compete in other tournaments and earn enough points to go to worlds. Points are earned based on how well they do in other tournaments. Essentially, they must get in the top three consistently in their events to qualify. 

That night, opening ceremonies will kick off. The National Martial Arts Alliance will be celebrating its ten year anniversary as an organization. A huge announcement will be shared that you don’t want to miss! It will be a special experience as we show our gratitude for the organization that brings us all together.

Saturday will be the World Tournament, which is open to students of all ranks and ages. Here, everyone will get the chance to compete with people from all around the world to win a medal. This tournament is extremely important because it kicks off the next tournament season and is worth triple points which will set you up in the right direction for the next competition season. 

World’s week is full of fun and such an amazing experience. It will take place at the Colorado Convention Center in Downtown Denver, Colorado. Wish our testers and competitors at Mueller’s Martial Arts good luck!