Philo’s Invitational


Philo’s Invitational

Mueller’s Martial Arts is hosting its first ever tournament! While many of our students compete in tournaments throughout the year, we are so excited to be hosting our very own tournament. On August 26th, students from all over the state as well as around the country will be coming to Lakewood to fight for the chance to win Philo’s Invitational!

Because this is our first ever tournament and a long time dream of Mr. Mueller’s, we hope to get as many students there as possible. There will be a food and desert truck, great competition, a parent of the day award, and a judge of the day award. It is bound to be a special event. 

But that got us thinking, how do tournaments work exactly? First, students compete in any rings that they choose to go after. They are required to compete in forms and sparring, but have the option to try weapons forms, weapons sparring, sword sparring, team sparring, inventive forms, inventive weapons, elevated forms, and elevated weapons. 

Once they compete, students have the opportunity to take first, second, or third place. If they earn any of those places they stand on the podium of champions and go home with a medal. All other competitors go home with a competitor medal. However, they earn more than medals when they compete.

Each competition is worth a certain amount of points. If they get in the top three, they take home more points. Those points are added throughout the year to determine if they qualify for State or World Championships. If they qualify, they get the chance to become State and World Champ. National tournaments have either double or triple points. After Worlds, a new tournament season starts and the points start over. Philo’s Invitational will be the first tournament in the new season.

Tournaments are a great learning opportunity. You wouldn’t practice baseball for an entire season and never play a game, right? So competing in a tournament brings together everything you learned throughout the year and gives you the chance to show it off. It also shows if you are in line with your competition or if you need to spend more time perfecting your craft.

Philo’s Invitational will be a fantastic time to start competing if you have never done so before. If you have been doing so for a long time, it’s a great chance to kick off the new season with Mueller’s Martial Arts. It will be held August 26th at Denver Christian School in Lakewood, CO. You can sign up here.